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Scuvvers are a modular system, so you can build your own Scuvver by choosing your Harness and Cover sections separately. 

The ISOFIX-Compatible Cover protects your car seats from the smallest members of your tribe, sitting between your child's seat and the car seat to form a waterproof barrier that blocks dripping ice cream, spilled juice boxes, and sticky fingers.

The ISOFIX-Compatible Cover has two convenient flaps that are spaced specifically to allow the child seat to be secured to your car's ISOFIX mounting points, but can also be used with non-ISOFIX child seats or even without a child seat at all - the ISOFIX-Compatible Scuvvers are the same size as our Classic Scuvvers so even when the kids grow out of their child seats, they won't grow out of their Scuvvers.

To build a complete Scuvver you'll also need to choose your Harness.

This item includes:

1x ISOFIX compatible seat cover in Cream (Harness sold separately)

  • Silicone non-slip backing
  • Durable 600D recycled polyester
  • Waterproof, dirt-proof, stink-proof
  • Velcro tab for ISOFIX seatbelt access

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Why Scuvvers?




Scuvvers deploy in seconds when you need them, so you can enjoy the look and feel of your car seats when you're clean, and protect them when you're not.




Ensure your seats stay protected from all the mess your adventure brings! Ready to go anywhere, anytime!




Time for a clean? No worries! Just remove the cover section and easily hose it down, or simply toss it in the washing machine!




Stow your Scuvvers conveniently behind your headrest, in the glovebox, the door pocket, or your kit bag.


Key Features



Scuvvers are the world's most evironmentally-friendly seat protectors, crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled textile. Every Scuvver prevents more than 35 plastic bottles from polluting landfills or our oceans. Even our packaging is made from recycled cardboard printed with soy-based inks.


Scuvvers boast an impressive waterproof rating of 3000mm HH, ensuring your seats stay dry, even when you drive home in your wetsuit.


Our genuine silicone backing keeps your Scuvvers securely in place on your seats without the need for straps.


Time for a clean? No worries! Just remove the cover section and easily hose it down, or simply toss it in the washing machine!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Dwayne Kieffer
Fantastic seat protection

Got tired of having to put full seat covers on after a day of hiking, hunting or fishing especially after a sudden down pour to protect my seats. I don't like keeping seat covers on continuously and was looking for something else that was quick and easy. Came across Scuvver so thought I'd take a chance. Best seat cover I've ever had, quick and easy to deploy even if you don't keep them attached to your headrest. Highly recommended.

Christian Caron
Awesome product

It’s always an issue when coming back from a wet/muddy mountain bike ride… You have to change before entering the car, bring a towel that won’t hold in place or just create a mess you’ll have to clean later. Scuvvers to the rescue. They’re always there, out of the way, and when you need them, all you have to do is flip them around and pull on the velcro tab. They fit perfectly and do exactly what they’re designed to do.

Dave Hall
Car seat protection

A great seat cover option

Aaron Woodward
Great product, does a great job

Great product, well made and does a great job.

Andy N
These are great

Do the job perfectly, well made and convenient


Recommended by The Experts

"Scuvvers let me spend more time riding and less time cleaning."

Rémy Matailler 
Professional Mountain Biker

"They're pretty great. When we got these we installed them in the Land Rover and they've never left since. We've never had a reason to take them out because we don't notice them until we need them."

The Loam Ranger
Content Creator

"I love my Scuvvers! They're always there when I need them, I can deploy them in seconds and they stay on the seat."

Tayla Stephens
Australian Crossfit Champion & Fittest Teen in Oceania

"Scuvvers cover the entire seat nicely, including behind the knees and they feel great to sit on."
Quality Muntain Bike Dditorial
Montain Bike Magazine

"Where I ride it's really humid, so I'm always either covered in mud or dripping with sweat. If it wasn't for my Scuvvers my car seats would be pretty disgusting."

Jess Hoskin
2x Australian Enduro Champion

Your Questions Answered

If your car seats have headrests that are separate from the main body of the seat (usually mounted on two posts so you can adjust the headrest height), then Scuvvers are compatible with your car.

If your car’s headrests are integrated with the seats but there is an opening for the Scuvvers strap to pass through, then Scuvvers still may work with your car but get in touch with us to check.

Scuvvers are very nearly universal, but because car headrests come in so many shapes and sizes, we had to create two sizes for the Harness.

To make sure you order the correct size, just watch our How To video.

Yes. Scuvvers are tested to a waterproof standard of 2000mm, so you can sit on your Scuvvers in your wetsuit, boardshorts or bikini without worrying about soaking your seats.

This doesn’t mean that water will never pass through the fabric, but it is made to repel water for a long time (more than 2 hours) before any penetrates.