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Fantastic seat protection

Got tired of having to put full seat covers on after a day of hiking, hunting or fishing especially after a sudden down pour to protect my seats. I don't like keeping seat covers on continuously and was looking for something else that was quick and easy. Came across Scuvver so thought I'd take a chance. Best seat cover I've ever had, quick and easy to deploy even if you don't keep them attached to your headrest. Highly recommended.

Awesome product

It’s always an issue when coming back from a wet/muddy mountain bike ride… You have to change before entering the car, bring a towel that won’t hold in place or just create a mess you’ll have to clean later. Scuvvers to the rescue. They’re always there, out of the way, and when you need them, all you have to do is flip them around and pull on the velcro tab. They fit perfectly and do exactly what they’re designed to do.

Car seat protection

A great seat cover option

Great product, does a great job

Great product, well made and does a great job.

These are great

Do the job perfectly, well made and convenient

Works Great

Exactly what I needed. A quick solution post gym / cycling without the need to put a towel or change to avoid getting the seat a mess.

So handy!

I was so thankful to have my Scuvvers installed and ready to go when I got surprised this week by a rainstorm during a bike ride, leading to a VERY muddy backside. My trail buddies were left scrambling for plastic bags between their vehicles, while I casually folded down my Scuvvers and drove home to a nice warm shower while my Scuvvers were being cleaned in the washing machine!

I really love the fact that they can be flipped to behind the headrest!

Excellent product.

Kinda hard to think of anything that could be done better? It does exactly what it’s intended to. Folds away quickly and keeps a low profile when not in use. Appears to be made of very high quality material. I do sometimes find the wrap around the headrest slides a bit, so in the future a little more rubber grip on the inside of that flap could be beneficial.

These are great covers.

These seat covers live up to their claims. Perfect for when you are sweaty, dirty, or covered in sand. They deploy quickly and, more importantly, they are easy to roll up and store. I like the look of my car's seats and I don't want to have traditional seat covers hiding them. Scuvvers are quick on, quick off while providing good protection only when you need it.

Great product with Premium feel

These covers feel great and the storage and ease-of-use features work well. The quality of the materials also feels premium and durable. I have a 2024 Rav4 and they offer good coverage of the seats.

One down side I've noticed is that I find it hard to get the head pad portion of the cover to sit high enough on the headrest to be nicely centered vertically. It seems like even though I got the right size cover to fit around the headrest, the head pad sits too low.

My only other issue is that, when deployed, there is nothing to hold the cover to the seat at least a bit. The back rest folds in on itself because of the folds in the material. I'm not sure what the solution would be, but it would be cool to have something to hold the upper corners up.

Over all, this product is really great and convenient when you realize you've gotten way more dirty on your adventure than you expected.

Practical and easy to use

Best covers we have ever had…really easy to use and pack away…well made…all round awesome

Love This Invention!!

This was a great invention. The materials selection and quality is better than any car cover I’ve used before. I use this frequently in my Audi A4 for my dog and after fishing on the river. Thanks and Well done!

Awesome seat cover

Works brilliantly in multiple situations
Awesome when I get dirty from mtb riding and perfectly protects my seat after hard sweating night at Kung fu
Awesome product

What active seats have always wanted.

I bought mine as part of the fundraising stage and now that I've used them I need to order some more.
Perfect performance, easy to use and classy looking.
Anyone that sees them is impressed.

What an awesome product. Easy to install and use. The dirt just shakes off when it has dried.

Produit livré très rapidement et de grande qualité. Je vous le recommande fortement!

I have not used them as of yet, but I think it is a good product to have.

Top quality item 👍🏻 And a very well thought out design 🙏🏻

Wonderful seat cover easy and convenient to use.
Great quality and awesome value

Absolutely amazing product, easy to fit and remove.
Very convenient and a breeze to clean, small enough to pack in your luggage if you want to take it travelling to protect hire car seats.